Radio appearances

On the Air in NYC

I’ll be returning Sunday morning to Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball program on WFAN 660AM in New York, 11:40 a.m. EST. Ed knows how to keep the conversation flowing, and I imagine we’ll be touching on Joel Peralta, at least in part.

Update (6-24): Too late to be useful, probably, but a half-hour before air time they called and moved it up 20 minutes. Apologies to anyone who tried to tune in.

Update (6-26): For those who missed it, the conversation is now available online.

Radio appearances

More Upcoming Radio Appearances

Taped a segment for Michael Smerconish‘s program this morning, discussing Joel Perralta, Joe Maddon, Davey Johnson, pine tar and name-calling. It’ll run at various times; his show is syndicated and can be streamed from his Web site.

I also had a great conversation with Ken Broo of WLW in Cincinnati, partly about Cleveland’s alleged sign stealing, which will air as part of the pre-game package on Saturday, prior to the Reds broadcast.

Radio appearances

On the Air in Honolulu

In the spirit of more robust self-promotion (by which I mean any self-promotion), I’ll be listing my occasional radio appearances for anybody in the appropriate local markets. I’ll be on ESPN 1420 Honolulu tomorrow with Bobby Curran at 9:33 a.m. PST. Sadly, it will be on the phone and not in studio. Those also unfortunate enough to be on the mainland can listen live here.