Radio appearances

On the Air in NYC

I’ll be returning Sunday morning to Ed Randall’s Talking Baseball program on WFAN 660AM in New York, 11:40 a.m. EST. Ed knows how to keep the conversation flowing, and I imagine we’ll be touching on Joel Peralta, at least in part.

Update (6-24): Too late to be useful, probably, but a half-hour before air time they called and moved it up 20 minutes. Apologies to anyone who tried to tune in.

Update (6-26): For those who missed it, the conversation is now available online.

Radio appearances

More Upcoming Radio Appearances

Taped a segment for Michael Smerconish‘s program this morning, discussing Joel Perralta, Joe Maddon, Davey Johnson, pine tar and name-calling. It’ll run at various times; his show is syndicated and can be streamed from his Web site.

I also had a great conversation with Ken Broo of WLW in Cincinnati, partly about Cleveland’s alleged sign stealing, which will air as part of the pre-game package on Saturday, prior to the Reds broadcast.

Radio appearances

On the Air in Honolulu

In the spirit of more robust self-promotion (by which I mean any self-promotion), I’ll be listing my occasional radio appearances for anybody in the appropriate local markets. I’ll be on ESPN 1420 Honolulu tomorrow with Bobby Curran at 9:33 a.m. PST. Sadly, it will be on the phone and not in studio. Those also unfortunate enough to be on the mainland can listen live here.

Radio appearances

On the Air in Canada

Apparently, Canadians like baseball. I was interviewed by the CBC last week (the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the rough equivalent to NPR in the States), from the KQED studios in San Francisco.

As soon as the spot aired over the weekend, traffic to The Baseball Codes blog tripled, and then some—and hasn’t let up. What’s this country doing with only one big league team?

Hear my conversation with Michael Enright here. (It can be found in hour 2 of the program.)

Thanks, Canada.

– Jason

Radio appearances

In Studio at KNBR 1050

Michael and I spent a half-hour in the KNBR 1050 studios with Damon Bruce yesterday, where we primarily discussed the topic of the day: Whether or not the Giants should have responded to either of the Dodgers’ Code violations over the weekend.

Things we learned: Damon stands when doing his broadcast, and although he hasn’t yet read the book, he really likes the cover.

Listen to the third hour of the program here. We’re on in the second half.

– Jason