The Baseball Codes

Some Codes Transcend Baseball

I have always been fascinated by the fact that the island of Hispaniola includes the Dominican Republic, where nearly all major league shortstops are born; and Haiti, the first nation in the Western Hemisphere to throw off the chains of slavery, but a nation that has never produced a single major league baseball player.

And it won’t for quite a while longer.  More than 50 percent of the population of Port au Prince was under the age of 13 just one week ago.  The city, and by extension the nation, has lost a significant part of an entire generation.  We’re all about how baseball is a metaphor for life, and I would like to encourage all our readers to do whatever you can to help out — right now, when the need is greatest and your ability to affect it is still high.

If you’re not the donating type, maybe you’d like an experience of a lifetime — the San Francisco Giants and their players have teamed up to offer some amazing opportunities on the team Web site, as a fund-raiser for Haitian Relief.

Three auctions will be on-going for a week:

  • Batting practice off a Giants’ starting pitcher
  • 30 minutes of hitting instruction with Pablo Sandoval
  • A private meeting with Tim Lincecum

Find out more, here. If you’re the donating type, the Red Cross is working hard in Haiti; the Salvation Army has been there for years before the disaster, and Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) was there before the quake, but all three of their hospitals were reduced to rubble in the quake.  Major League Baseball is giving via UNICEF.  All offer a way to give.

In our family, in addition to money, we’ve given our son, who is a member of the Marine Expeditionary Unit that will land Sunday morning and spend four to six months helping those who had virtually nothing, and lost even that this week. Give until it hurts just a little, even in these times.  You’ll feel better, and you will have exercised a little justified retaliation of your own, against poverty and misery — your own private brushback pitch.

– Michael

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