Rookie Hazing

Rookie Treatment Prevails, Even if You’re Not Quite a Ballplayer

Today’s ball boy for the Kansas City Royals in their game against the Rangers was Olukorede Aiyegbusi, the second-round draft pick of Major League Soccer’s Kansas City Wizards. Aiyegbusi, from England by way of North Carolina University, was victimized by a pair of classic rookie hazes.

First, he was asked for the key to the batter’s box, which, to judge by those watching him look for it, was apparently left in the bullpen behind the left-field fence.

Once the game was under way, home plate umpire Chris Tiller told Aiyegbusi, “These guys can’t seem to throw a curveball today; would you please go get a box of curveballs?” Where Aiyegbusi went to look for it is still unclear.

– Michael

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