This Week in the Unwritten Rules

Welcome to our new feature: a weekly roundup of Code violations across the major leagues. Since it’s just kicking off, we’ll stretch back two weeks, which takes us back to opening day.

(If you come across any rules violations you think should be covered, please send a tip to baseballcodes@gmail.com.)

April 6
Atlanta’s Nate McLouth illustrates the art of the outfield trap. Is it cheating to act as if you’ve caught a ball you didn’t come close to catching? In the big leagues, no.

April 7
We all know that players don’t acknowledge a no-hitter as it’s being thrown. In the digital era, the same holds true for members of the blogosphere.

April 8
Kevin Youkilis gets drilled in the helmet. Derek Jeter wears one in response. This is retaliation at its easiest, as both men were able to laugh about it, even as it was happening.

April 11
Yankees manager Joe Girardi raises eyebrows when he fesses up that he would have pulled C.C. Sabathia from the game for the ninth inning, even had his no-hitter still been intact.

April 13
Francisco Rodriguez illustrated the power of intimidation, while offering a message to National League hitters: the guy doesn’t like lip.

April 14
A.J. Pierzynski shows little respect for Ricky Romero’s no-hitter, acting as if he’s been painfully hit by a ball that missed him entirely.

April 16
Blue Jays broadcaster Buck Martinez refrained from mentioning either no-hitter taken into the late innings this season by Toronto pitchers.

– Jason

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