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Wayback Machine: Pimping on the Farm, Circa 1994

Via Deadspin this afternoon, a long-lost clip of what may be the most audacious home run pimping in this history of home run pimps  (or at least that which has been captured on video).

Behold, Rich Aude of the Buffalo Bisons.

In his defense: It was a game-winner, in his home ballpark. To his detriment: Everything else.

According to the Buffalo News, the pitcher, Bob Wishnevski of the Springfield Redbirds, exacted revenge two months later, drilling Aude in the back.  

The first baseman went on to appear in 62 games over parts of three seasons with the Pirates. He apparently got his act together, because he was never hit by a pitch at the big league level.


3 thoughts on “Wayback Machine: Pimping on the Farm, Circa 1994

    1. Well, he did a better job than Go-Go pimping his homer-cum-triple, throwing a punch, and clearing the benches today. Good grief. (Hoping you’ll post that one…)

      Dear me. Surely all these guys were excellent ballplayers growing up–why doesn’t proper behaviour get taught to them before they’re old enough to shave? Even Aude should have figured it out, oh, ten years earlier.

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