Justin Duchscherer, Sign stealing, Unwritten-Rules

Duchscherer on Sign Stealing

Justin Duchscherer just re-upped with the A’s for one year at up to $5.5 million, with incentives, according to ESPN’s sources. The right-hander, an All-Star as a middle reliever in ’05 and again last year as a starter, spoke with me a couple years ago about how to deter opposing baserunners relaying the catcher’s signs:

That’s part of the game – people do it. Sometimes you’re out there and you’re giving up hits on good pitches, and you’re wondering what the heck’s going on. . . . If there’s a guy at second base, they’ll give a signal or something. (Ex-A’s catcher Jason) Kendall is always watching for stuff like that. He’ll say, “Tell that son of a bitch to stop looking in here.” Or we’ll change signs. He’ll do something to control the game and let them know that he knows they’re stealing our signs.

There was a time in Triple-A where the pitching coach thought a guy was stealing signs, and he had the catcher call for a fastball away and we threw one in. We got the message across pretty quick – he stopped stealing fricking signs. He didn’t get mad. Players know if they’re doing something wrong. If I was cheating and somebody go mad at me for it, I wouldn’t be mad at them for being mad at me for cheating.

– Jason

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