Digging the Codes

I spoke to Cam Martin of on Friday, and he turned around a piece on the unwritten rules this morning. Nice stuff, full of excerpts and a couple quotes.

Unfortunately, it came out on the morning after the NCAA’s selection Sunday, when all anybody cares about is basketball brackets, so its location on Page 2 is a bit buried.

On the plus side, a bunch of pals gave me a good-luck gift last night: a signed photo of the Nolan RyanRobin Ventura fight. (Signed by Ryan only. You can do the math on that one.)  It’s the exact image that used to illustrate the story.

So: kismet meets coverage. Not bad.

– Jason

5 thoughts on “ Digging the Codes

  1. The book is great — but it has made me re-think what had always been my secret baseball fantasy when I played the game culminating at the college level many years ago. To wit: I had always imagined how I would one day break up a no-hitter as a baserunner in the last inning of game by allowing myself to be hit by a batted ball (which otherwise would have been a routine play for the infielder). It never happened, but I suppose if it did, it would have violated the Code? What do you think? Thanks again for a great read.

    1. Mike,

      You’re devious, I’ll give you that much. Because the essence of the Code is about enforcing respect — between teams and even more importantly, for the game itself — it’s pretty clear that unless your baserunning maneuver somehow put your team in a position to win the game, you’d earn a widespread round of jeers.

      (Even if it did, somehow, improbably put you in a position to win, you still wouldn’t be out of the woods. Just ask Ben Davis, whose bunt to break up Curt Schilling’s perfect game is still being questioned a decade later, even though it brought the tying run to the plate.)

      It’s a great scenario to consider, though, if you do things like imagine yourself as an evil dictator on a far-off island as a matter of falling asleep each night.

      – Jason

      1. And I guess allowing myself to be hit by a borderline inside pitch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth to drive in the winning run (my other favorite fantasy) is only slightly more permissible? I would rationalize that if the umpire doesn’t call it against me, then no Code violation.

  2. The difference between the scenarios is that winning trumps all. If you can get away with being hit to win the game, more power to you — you’re Code-free and in the win column.

    Either way, of course, you’re still admirably devious.

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