4 thoughts on “Discussing A-Rod with The New York Times

  1. You have neglected to point out that most of the Yankees fans calling WFAN and Michael Kay have unreservedly backed A-Rod. He proved he was a true Yankee last year; the fans have accepted him. This gives lifelong baseball credentials.

    Braden is a insignificant gnat in this; he’s disgraced his own reputation in his childishness.

    Your comments did not reflect this, to your discredit.

  2. Saw the Q&A today. I’m reading your book now (I have bought for a baseball dad and have baseball fans on a waiting list to read it after me) and really enjoy it. I said to my wife if what A-Rod did violated any codes. We watch games a little differently now, wondering if teams are violating any codes.

    Bravo on the book!!

  3. Enjoyed your spot on WFAN today with Richard Neer. Funny line at the end of the interview, too. It’s available on the WFAN.com web site (enter “Jason Turbow” in the “Search” feature on the site) if others want to hear it, too.

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