This Week in the Unwritten Rules

This Week in the Unwritten Rules

April 19
Vicente Padilla broke Aaron Rowand’s face with a pitch. Manny Ramirez came out for a curtain call while the opposing pitcher was in the middle of his delivery. Was either instance retribution-worthy? You decide.

April 20
One has to learn the unwritten rules at some point. To judge by this no-hitter story, high school is not the place where it happens.

April 20
Broadcasters talking about a no-hitter as it happens (or not talking about it, in many cases) continues to be a point of contention with fans.

April 22
Chris Carpenter became the first pitcher in memory to retaliate for an offense (in this case, D-Backs pitcher Edwin Jackson hitting him on the wrist with a pitch) not from the mound, but on the basepaths.

April 22
Alex Rodriguez crossed the pitcher’s mound in Oakland on his way back to first base. Pitcher Dallas Braden made sure that A-Rod knew exactly what he did wrong.

April 23
Does Dallas Braden even have the big league bona fides to call out a superstar like A-Rod? In some cases, absolutely not. In this case, yes.

April 24
Baseball writer Allen Barra disagrees with the assertions set forth in this blog. This blog attempts to set him straight.

– Jason

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