This Week in the Unwritten Rules

This Week in the Unwritten Rules

May 17
Dallas Braden debunks the axiom that says one shouldn’t change a thing while in the process of throwing a no-hitter. He did, during his—by accident.

May 18
Hanley Ramirez loafs after a booted ball, blames injury. Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez doesn’t buy it.

May 19
Hanley Ramirez, anything but contrite, blows his situation into the stratosphere.

May 19
The Red Sox pull starter Josh Beckett for injury reasons without a trainer ever visiting the mound—giving their reliever unlimited time to warm up. The Yankees, unappreciative, protest the game.

May 20
Hanley Ramirez
finally apologizes; everybody exhales and moves on.

May 21
Mets starter John Maine is pulled after five pitches while being called a “habitual liar” about the state of his health. Except that’s exactly what he’s supposed to do.

– Jason

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