Reading at Fenway; Great Prelude to Tonight’s Game

The Boston Red Sox are the only team in Major League Baseball to sponsor their own writers series, and today I was lucky enough to take part in it.

Today I read to a packed house in one of the ballpark’s banquet rooms, as part of the Great Fenway Park Writer’s Series. My own discussion of the the unwritten rules turned into a lively Q&A, for which the Q’s were intelligent and well spoken. One would expect no less from Boston sports fans.

Thanks to Dan Urman for taking these photos.

I write this from the press box at Fenway Park, as the Red Sox attempt to overcome a 6-1 ninth-inning deficit against Detroit. Um . . . scratch that. David Ortiz‘s grand slam just brought Boston to within 6-5. (Update: Mike Cameron strikes out looking with the tying run at second to end it.)

All in all, a pretty fantastic day.

– Jason

With former Massachusets governor and devoted Red Sox supporter Michael Dukakis.

One thought on “Reading at Fenway; Great Prelude to Tonight’s Game

  1. It was a great talk and luncheon, but I have to admit that watching Youk getting drilled in the thigh and hearing Stockton say, “That wasn’t intentional…” made me think you should send the staff at MLB on Fox copies of your book.

    Of course I was also trying to figure out what did I miss that had Youk targeted (again)?

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