Nyjer Morgan, Retaliation

Morgan Not Exactly Repentant

With a near-certain suspension in his future on the heels of a litany of on-field malfeasance this week, Nyjer Morgan didn’t exactly back down.

“Everyone kind of blew it out of proportion and put it on Morgan,” he told MLB.com. “I knocked down the catcher, I took my dose and everybody is blowing it way out of proportion, which I don’t understand. I guess baseball isn’t used to seeing this anymore—good old-fashioned hard-nose baseball.”

While he has a point—his reaction to getting hit by Marlins starter Chris Volstad, in retaliation for bowling over catcher Brett Hayes, was entirely appropriate—but Morgan is overlooking the other basic tenets of this tale.

As a player on a rampage—instigating two home-plate collisions, one wildly inappropriate, the other mildly so; two separate incidents involving fans, one of which earned him a seven-day suspension; a public rebuke from his manager and an ensuing spat; and initiating an all-hands fight on the field, after which he emerged faux-triumphantly, arms raised and shirt torn, even though he had taken more abuse than anybody—Morgan has a lot to be introspective about.

Focusing on the one thing he did last week that wasn’t offensive isn’t the way to go about it.

Suspension looming.

– Jason

3 thoughts on “Morgan Not Exactly Repentant

  1. Morgan did nothing wrong on Wednesday except his chest-pumping walk to the dugout. Volstad, Wes Helms and the Marlins should be ashamed of being wusses who complain about opponents stealing bases when the Marlins have a ten-run lead. THAT’S pathetic.

    Unfortunately for Nyjer, he’s now in a tailspin that he doesn’t understand.

  2. You wonder why baseball is like the third fav sport unwritten rules is a cop out. play the game you do to me or team mate it plays out. there should be no unwritten rules. Baseball has no emotion and the players has no fire in their play too many trades too close buddies on other teams. Try that in football he be a hero. Even basketball you play to win hard not be afraid of the unwritten rules. play the game with some kind passion. this is not cricket.

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