Playoffs in San Francisco a Busy Time

Posts  to this site have been fewer in frequency lately. This is partly due to the limited number of games offering fewer chances for the unwritten rules to crop up.

More so, however, is ongoing playoff coverage. As the Giants continue to win, I’ve been busy covering them for a number of news outlets.

I’ve had two articles in the New York Times recently, one—which came out online today, in advance of tomorrow’s Sunday print edition—details what’s happened to Pablo Sandoval this season in terms of his diminished success.

Another, which came out a couple weeks ago, talks about Buster Posey, and the Giants’ decision to keep him in the minor leagues to start the season.

Not quite the Code, but hey, it’s the playoffs.

– Jason



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2 responses to “Playoffs in San Francisco a Busy Time

  1. Rick

    Great piece on Pablo. If the Giants want to win 11 post season games (7 to go), Sandoval needs to carry them.

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