Rookie Hazing, Yasmani Grandal

Ice Ice, Baby: Grandal, Frozen Out, Doesn’t Miss a Beat

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There are a lot of reasons to like Padres rookie catcher Yasmani Grandal. His first three hits as a big leaguer have been home runs, including one yesterday. He became the first player in Major League history to homer from both sides of the plate in the same game for the first two hits of his career.

If you think those homers showed composure, they were nothing compared to the rookie’s reaction to the silent treatment he received in the dugout following his first longball. Faced with a shortage of actual teammates to congratulate him, the guy high-fived imaginary Padres instead. (Watch the whole thing here.)

(New York’s Daniel Murphy did something similar last week after snapping a 352-at-bat homerless streak dating back to last season, pumping his fists in the air after his teammates similarly iced him out.)

After all, why wait for others to come through when you can provide for yourself?

(Thanks to reader Steve Kelley for the heads-up. GIF via Gifulmination.)

4 thoughts on “Ice Ice, Baby: Grandal, Frozen Out, Doesn’t Miss a Beat

  1. Hundley may get back up to the big leagues again…but it’s Grandals’ job.
    Even the rest of the team is starting to hit now that he’s in the lineup.(except Maybin…wtf?)

  2. Andrelton Simmons of the Braves did the same thing when he got his first big league homer a few weeks ago. Jason Hayward actually walked past him to the top step of the dugout to cheer on the next batter, which was hilarious.

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