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Holliday’s Had It: Calls out Cain for ‘Less Than Tough’ Retaliation

For those who think that Matt Cain waited to long to retaliate against Matt Holliday—the outfielder’s questionable slide into Giants second baseman Marco Scutaro occurred in Game 2 of the NLCS, and he was drilled a week later, in Game 7, once the series was salted away—Holliday put that timetable to shame.

Precisely one month after his slide, and three weeks after Cain drilled him, Holliday addressed the topic in an report, calling it, among other things, “less than tough”:

[The pitch] seems on purpose. I wish that if he wanted to hit me, he would’ve just done it on the first pitch in the next game he had pitched. You know, if you’re going to do it, do it, get it out of the way. But to do it, I don’t remember what the score was but it was out of hand, that’s about it. I thought the timing of it was….I don’t want to get into it. I wasn’t thrilled about it. . . .

If you’re going to do it, I think that is when you do it. I wouldn’t be happy about it anytime. I just thought that in the situation that it actually did happen it was less than tough.

It might seem odd for Holliday to express displeasure with Cain’s delay weeks after the fact, when he could have done it immediately following the game in which it happened. To be fair, he was answering a question, not promoting an agenda, and it’s not like Cardinals players had much media time once they’d packed their bags for the winter upon returning to St. Louis.

It’s unlikely that this will further ill feelings come 2013, but also serves to remind us that another incident—one of Cain’s pitches slips, perhaps, or Holliday again takes out a middle infielder—will not be easily digested by the other side.

(Via HardballTalk.)


3 thoughts on “Holliday’s Had It: Calls out Cain for ‘Less Than Tough’ Retaliation

  1. Cain did exactly what he was supposed to…got the retalliation at a time when it didn’t hurt the ballclub. Halliday can complain all he wants that it happened “when the game was out of hand”, but that’s exactly WHY the Giants staff didn’t drill him earlier in the series. It would have been stupid to give the Cards an advantage by taking an emotional response…Cain’s more calculated strike shows more professionalism than Halliday’s whining.

  2. Not retaliating promptly was a smart move for 2 reasons, IMO. 1, it kept it in the back of Holliday’s mind and he may have been more reluctant to lean out over the plate knowing the next pitch could be at his head. He certainly didn’t perform well. And, 2, If Cain had responded right away he could possibly have faced a suspension.

  3. Mitch Romney is not our president, and Matt Holiday should also ride into the sunset. Who cares what he thinks? His performance after attacking Scutaro was pathetic…was he worrrying about when he was going to be drilled? I think Marco acquited himself well after the “over the bag” slide by Holiday. Oh that’s right, the Cardinals didn’t play in the World Series. Mat Cain should have been the Cy Young award winner this year. I love Dickey and his knuckle ball, but Matt Cain in “The Horse.” What a dependable, and sometimes exceptional performer he has been for years. Kind of a Curt Shilling with money. I can’t wait for April. Football & NBA basketball suck. Only in baseball can the team concept be revered. Thanks Bochy! Jason Turbow rocks!!! Oops…too many exclamation points. He is that good.

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