‘Baseball Forever!’ Debuts on the Audio Charts


Baseball Forever II

A project I worked on this winter just came out this week. It’s an audio book called “Baseball Forever,” for which I mined the game tape, dating back to the 1930s, assembled by the country’s preeminent collector of such things, John Miley. My goal was to present the collection in a somewhat unusual way; where many highlights packages offer little more than the moment in question (“Here’s the swing, it’s hit hard … and gone!”), I endeavored to allow space for as many plays as possible to breathe, using entire at-bats and even full innings to present classic moments more comprehensively than they are commonly heard. Bob Costas narrates.

(To see the alternate cover demanded for reasons beyond my comprehension by Amazon, click directly to their page. You can also find it on iTunes.)

6 thoughts on “‘Baseball Forever!’ Debuts on the Audio Charts

  1. Brilliant! What a treasure trove for fans. I just finished listening to the Joe Medwick/World Series inning. The only difference between fans then and now — our grandparents carried more fruit with them. Thank you for putting this collection together … listening to baseball and having to picture it in your mind seems so right.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m glad you’re enjoying it as much as I did when piecing it together. And yes, fans’ ballpark supplies seemed to be more fruit-based back then. Not sure what that was all about …

  2. Where do I go to see what the tracks are? Nothing on the CD’s, nothing in the box, and when I tried to download them onto my computer, each excerpt says “Track 1, 2 etc. with the time. No title.

    1. I was surprised when I found out about the lack of information. I’m agitating for AudioGo to make a comprehensive playlist available online, and will forward your comment as the basis for my latest salvo. Thanks so much for picking it up.

      1. At least there are tracks! The iTunes version is just one track — 4 hours in length. So it’s hard to pick through again to find something you want to re-listen to. No matter — it’s such a wonderful collection, it’s a joy to just listen to it all again. My husband and I listened (again) on the long drive up to Baltimore for an Orioles game this weekend … and in your honor we brought apples to Camden Yards as a snack. We were looking forward to an opportunity to throw them onto the field … and one very ugly muffed fly ball nearly spurred us to tossing. We refrained however — being far more civilized, I guess, than our grandparents. 🙂

      2. Wow – thanks! While I can’t condone hurling foreign objects onto the field, hopefully it was at least a softer apple, like a golden delicious. A granny smith could really leave a mark.

        I’ll forward your comment to AudioGo, which has been pretty receptive to this kind of thing so far. Thanks so much for checking in — and for your support.

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