Stroman’s Celebration Irks Eck, And People Have Opinions

A lot’s being made over Dennis Eckersley’s comments about Marcus Stroman’s on-field celebration on Sunday to close out the sixth inning against Boston, during which the broadcaster called Stroman’s actions “tired.” You know, hypocrisy and all, what with Eck having pretty much set the standard for pitcher gesticulation back in his day. Let’s let Twitter tell the tale.

There’s something to the fact that Stroman’s initial response appears to have been intended for the Boston dugout, but for me, there’s a different takeaway — not from the game itself, or even its aftermath, but from the Tim Anderson affair back in April, when the White Sox slugger infuriated the Royals by hurling his bat following a home run. Asked about it, Stroman was concise: “I could care less if someone pimps a homer off me. I gave it up. Showing emotion is part of the game.”

There it is. Love the guy or hate him, at least he’s consistent. The moment that Stroman takes issue with a home run pimp job, please alert Rob Friedman.

2 thoughts on “Stroman’s Celebration Irks Eck, And People Have Opinions

  1. I personally wish that Stroman would tone it down just a little (and only a little), but at least he’s consistent. He’s always been emotional, good or bad – he sometimes yells at himself if he did badly, and he (publicly, at least) always had no problems with people being emotional at his expense.

    Eckersley telling Stroman to simmer down would be like… John McEnroe telling someone to simmer down. If there was going to be a player-turned-broadcaster criticising Stroman’s emotional antics, it should have been someone else.

  2. I myself am not a particular fan of emotional on-field displays, but I understand enough to know that other opinions matter. Let the kids play, & etc. The main thing that irks me about this stuff is hypocrisy, and Stroman seems to have steered well clear of that.

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