Bat Flipping

Idiot Son Does Baseball Move

How does the old school feel about the new school, specifically as pertains to tossing the bat? Let’s turn to the Jones family for guidance.

First came the video of Druw Jones, 16-year-old son of five-time All-Star Andruw, doing his thing in a high school game.

Then came papa’s response.

This pretty well sums it up. Are old-timers so against bat flipping that they’d see the perpetrator drilled or otherwise punished? Generally speaking, no. But given a choice, would they rather the entire trend just go away?

At least in the Jones house: clearly.

2 thoughts on “Idiot Son Does Baseball Move

  1. HAHAHA… judging by some of the responses, some Tweeters don’t know that Andruw is Druw’s Dad. I think Andruw has the right to comment on his own son’s antics.

  2. Only a father who loves his son would respond like that — if he was actually angry we’d have gotten a lot more.

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