George Will, Review

George Will: Baseball Fan, Man of Impeccable Literary Taste

George Will just called me. He’s planning a column about the book to run in the Washington Post on or near opening day. But here’s the thing: He didn’t call to ask about the book. He didn’t want to know anything about the writing or reporting or genesis or goals that isn’t already evident within its pages.

He just wanted to say that he liked it.

Scratch that. He just wanted to say that he loved it. His direct quote: “This is the greatest book in the history of books.” Seriously. He said that he couldn’t stop laughing as he was reading it.

It’s enough to tickle a first-time author pink.

My only regret is that he wasn’t contacted to write a cover blurb. Because, you know, “Greatest book in the history of books” would look pretty good over the title.

– Jason