The Baseball Codes: Resonating Well with the Artist/Poet/Cartoonist Demographic

Jim Behrle is an artist in Manhattan. And a baseball fan. And a lover of quality literature. How do we know this? Because he loved this book:

Exhaustive. This book is for the real fan who wants to know the unknowable: how players police themselves. The answer is simple: spikes-high and high and inside. The authors somehow got the chattiest of all former major leaguers to spill the beans. What transpires thereafter is a crime and punishment infringement by infringement. Players are by nature very sensitive. And there is no consensus agreement between them on when retribution is necessary or how unwritten rules should be enforced. But here’s a book that attempts to spell it out and illuminate the different philosophies behind when to retaliate. Strong Buy. A baseball dork’s delight. Nolan Ryan figures prominently. Good to pull of the shelf that summer night after your favorite player gets hit between the shoulder blades with a fastball. Very aptly shows how the game is changing—and depicts baseball as it was as an old school game of tit-for-tat. Truly enjoyable hot stove reading for this gentle correspondent. Loved the Rays-Sox scoop—great to finally get the story on all that nonsense.

Thank you, Mr. Behrle. Come back any time.

– Jason

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