The Baseball Codes

Digging for History When None is Apparent: The Search for Seals Stadium’s Home Plate

Okay, this doesn’t have much to do with the unwritten rules, unless one wants to view it from the perspective that the essence of the Code is to preserve the essential tenets of baseball’s past. In that case, so too does this page, in a way.

Todd Lappin took the time to examine aerial photos of Seals Stadium—the Giants’ first home in San Francisco, and the ballpark where Joe DiMaggio played as a member of the San Francisco Seals before he joined the Yankees—to figure out where, exactly, home plate would have been amid the shopping center that now stands on the site.

It’s essentially trivia at this point, but for people like me, who love the history of the game, from statistics and stories all the way to real estate, it’s a labor of love that’s utterly appreciated.

– Jason

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