The First Big, Sunday Book Review: The New York Post Approves

The first big one is in, and the New York Post seems to have enjoyed The Baseball Codes. That is, if recounting no fewer than 13 stories from the book indicates enjoyment.

From reviewer Larry Getlen:

As veteran sportswriters Turbow and Duca lay out in this remarkably well-researched book, filled with intricate details of plays from the past 100 years, the Code has affected careers, long-boiling team rivalries, World Series victories, and the game’s most hallowed feats in surprising ways.

We’re now batting 1.000 when it comes to positive reviews (hey, what do you know, a baseball metaphor!), but this is the first one to devote more than a single paragraph to the endeavor (an indicator that we must be getting close to the release date).

As of tomorrow, we’re nine days out. Welcome to March, everyone.

– Jason

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