Dustin Pedroia

Dustin Pedroia, You Talkin’ to Me?

So it seems that Dustin Pedroia wants a piece of me.

Apparently, WBZ’s Jonny Miller brought up The Baseball Codes to the Red Sox star, and relayed that many players on the current Boston roster are accused within its pages of stealing signs. For the rest of the story, we go to Comcast SportsNet New England’s Joe Haggerty:

As expected, Pedroia took exception to the accusation as only the feisty, colorful second baseman can when he’s sparked by a topic.

“That’s why I don’t read much because that’s 110 percent [expletive],” said Pedroia. “Give me the guy that wrote it and I’ll talk to him. I can tell you firsthand. We don’t tip signs because half of the guys on our team aren’t smart enough to see the fingers and all of that stuff. We don’t do that crap.

“I want the author. I’m fighting him.”

Never mind the fact that, contrary to what Miller reportedly told Pedroia, the book accuses nobody on the current Red Sox squad of any such thing. In fact, we mention two occasions in which Red Sox teams of the past were themselves victims of sign stealing (including one unbelievable instance against the Blue Jays in Fenway Park).

Still, the opportunity to fight Pedroia is intriguing.

Positives: I have at least a couple inches on the guy when it comes to reach.

Negatives: He undoubtedly outpoints me in fast-twitch muscles; he’s 13 years younger; he’s 10 pounds heavier (but certainly no fatter); he might pull a dirty pro wrestling maneuver and pummel me with his MVP Award while the ref isn’t looking.

Still, this is an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often. Bring it, Dustin. I shall fight the fight of a crazed wolverine until one of us either leaves on a stretcher or is laughing too hard to exit his corner.

Come discover the power of the press. I’m waiting.

– Jason

One thought on “Dustin Pedroia, You Talkin’ to Me?

  1. As the co-author, I feel compelled to let Pedroia (a fellow Northern Californian, alas) know that he’s up against a tag team, and that should I fall on him, he may never again see the light of day. I’ve got PLENTY of pounds on him.

    Pedroia clearly indicates that he knows what sign tipping is, and how to do it. He’s only been in the Red Sox organization so far. Wonder who taught him?

    n.b. – had Dustin actually been one of that fraternity of players who DO read, he might well have run into a fellow by the name of Mark Twain, who one famously wrote (no doubt just before a pier-six brawl of his own),

    “Never pick a fight with someone who buys his ink by the barrel”.

    Or, by extension, his bandwith in unlimited quantities….

    p.s. – Dustin’s an inch taller than me, but I’m tag-teaming it anyway.

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