Opening Day

The book went on sale today, pretty prominently in some places. Never one to take hearsay at face value, I trotted down to the local bookstore to find out for myself.

And there it was.

I even signed a few copies, which were subsequently tagged with “Autographed copy” stickers; it struck me as just a little odd to consider that my autograph might have any degree of value. (Sure, the books don’t cost any more than they otherwise would have, but somebody had to buy those stickers.)

Word on the street says that some pretty major coverage will be coming our way soon. We’ll fill you in as events warrant.

– Jason

4 thoughts on “Opening Day

  1. What’s your strategy – the more illegible the signature, the greater the added value? Someday you’ll have to break down the letters in that one. You’d have made a wonderful doctor.

  2. Now you’ve got to make sure you carry a pen wherever you go. Congratulations on the book – it looks fabulous, now it’s time for me to get reading, yeah!

  3. It’s tempting to wait and see the movie version first. Serious Oscar bait for Tom Hanks playing reporter Jason Turbow as he uncovers and eventually breaks ….”The Code”.

  4. At least you now know what your signature is worth to baseball fans. Poisoned Pen has listed the autographed copy on Amazon at $40, 15 bucks over list price. While it’s less than Jason Bay commands for his autograph, it’s more than Jason Isringhausen gets.

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