The Associated Press: ‘A Grand Slam of a Book’

The verdict is in from the Associated Press. They like it.

Mike Householder’s assessment hit the wires this morning, and could serve as a one-review blurb factory. To wit:

  • “Turbow pulls back the curtain and breaks through the game’s shroud of secrecy to deliver a grand slam of a book.”
  • “An entertaining and informative look at the sport’s least understood traditions.”
  • “Sure, his book is a well-considered and crafted examination of the motivations behind how hitters and fielders ply their trade. At its core, though, ‘The Baseball Codes’ is a fun read because of the dozens of great stories that detail how the game really is played — tales of bench-clearing, headhunting, bat-flipping and sign-stealing. Turbow and his collaborator, Michael Duca, conducted hundreds of interviews and did exhaustive research, and it results in some shocking and hilarious anecdotes that are so outlandish you’d think they were made up.”
  • “If ballplayers adhere to a series of informal doctrines, then consider Turbow the ultimate code breaker.”
  • (The San Francisco Examiner gets extra points for its headline, “Review: Kudos to code breaker Turbow for chronicling unwritten rules of America’s pastime.”)

    It’s nice to be appreciated.

    – Jason

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