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Gonzalez Out in Florida; Ramirez Assumed to be Gloating

Remember Fredi Gonazlez’s spat with Hanley Ramiriez? Gonzalez was praised for publically calling out his superstar for lackadaisical play and a bad attitude, and Ramirez eventually returned, contrite.

It’s been almost exactly a month since Ramirez returned from a one-day benching; he’s since batted .292 with four homers, 23 RBIs and 10 stolen bases.

Gonzalez: fired yesterday.

While there were reasons for the firing that had nothing to do with Ramirez, it’s clear who ultimately got the better of that confrontation.

Update: Buster Olney points out another unwritten rule in this situation: “If you’re going to fire the skipper, do it while you’re playing a really, really bad team so that when you win, it looks like the players responded.”

Yesterday: 7-5, Marlins over the Orioles.

– Jason

5 thoughts on “Gonzalez Out in Florida; Ramirez Assumed to be Gloating

  1. The Marlins would be doing a lot better if we had a reliable bullpen. Instead of going out and getting some fresh arms, our owners rely on magical thinking. Their thoughts: “Well we fired Jeff Torborg in 2003, and hired Jack McKeon: presto, we win the World Series.” When they said this has nothing to do with Hanley and the mistake the other day with the incorrect line up card, my thoughts: it has everything to do with Hanley and the incorrect line up card. I’ll tell you what our owners are really good at: Getting a city that is hurting terribly in the financial department to build them at billion dollar stadium.

  2. Fredi will get -and deserves -another shot somewhere. What annoys me about this team is that underachieving outfield. They would be in the hunt if those guys would bring bats to the yard.(Stanton is exempt…for now)

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