This Week in the Unwritten Rules

This Week in the Unwritten Rules

June 21
Tigers closer Jose Valverde and Arizona’s Miguel Montero get into a public war of words over Valverde’s mound antics.

June 22
Adam Jones lobbies to have an error changed to a hit in a game in which his team was soundly defeated. This doesn’t always play well in the clubhouse.

June 23
The already outdated rule about not swinging after back-to-back home runs has officially been decreed dead

June 24
Fredi Gonzalez’s spat with Hanley Ramirez finally catches up with him.

June 24
Mariners outfielder Michael Saunders shows us that respect on a ballfield can take many forms.

June 25
Joe Maddon vents near an ump, not at him. It makes no difference; he’s tossed anyway.

June 25
No-hitter etiquette leads to message-board hilarity.

– Jason

3 thoughts on “This Week in the Unwritten Rules

  1. At the Marlins/Padres game in Miami yesterday, rookie Gaby Sanchez routinely walked in front of the umpire to hit right handed. Veteran Hanley Ramirez routinely walked behind the umpire and the batting box. This is the first time I really noticed it and I prefer the way Ramirez did it. The Marlins lost anyway (series sweep) to the Padres. The Padres are a heck of a team: amazing pitching, pretty good hitting, and fun to watch. Pick up a hitter or two and they will be playing in the fall classic.

    1. Without talking to him, there’s no way to tell whether plate ump Wally Bell even noticed — but it’d be interesting to measure whether Matt Latos was granted an extra-wide strike zone whenever Sanchez came to the plate. (He did go 0-for-4 on the day.)

      It’d also be interesting to find out whether Pads catcher Yorvit Torrealba noticed.

      Nice catch, Larry.


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