No-Hitter Etiquette

Baseball Etiquette 2010: Never Post to a Message Board About a No-Hitter in Progress

Yovani Gallardo took a perfect game into the sixth inning for the Brewers on Thursday, which, as it turns out this season, isn’t all that rare a feat.

Still, it led to some message-board hilarity, as it relates to jinxes and the sort.

The following are all taken from a string on the HF Boards.

A user named Ixcuincle started things off at 2:33 p.m.:

Gallardo allegedly has a perfect game

This drew a sharp retort from STEVE HOLT, at 2:36 p.m.

WTF? You should never, under any circumstances, mention a perfect game as it is in progress. It’s baseball etiquette.

– Jimmy

Jiri Bicek weighed in a minute later:

Now we know that if Gallardo doesn’t get it, it’s because of that post on HF

But really, it was MD23Rewls who decided to go crazy, at 2:38 p.m.:

It has no effect on whether someone pitches a perfect game. You really believe that? I don’t agree with you, that’s not a professional attitude. Why shouldn’t he say it? Tell me Jimmy. Tell me why. Why? Why? Don’t tell me it’s etiquette, you know it used to be etiquette to have black people as slaves. Tell me why. Tell me exactly why. Jimmy, tell me why. That’s a stupid, stupid thing to say. You’re not giving me reasons. That’s why there was Nazi Germany. Why did they march people into ovens? Well, that’s just what they did. That’s what they were told to do. That’s a stupid, stupid reason. “Oh, its baseball etiquette.” That’s ridiculous. “I was just following orders.” But, why? “Well they told me to.” But, why? “Well they told me to.” That’s asinine. People actually believe this. They actually believe this. Mind boggling. It’s just mind boggling. You make no sense. You know how dumb you sound when you think a poster can affect the game? How stupid you sound? How infantile?

It takes some sort of chutzpah to compare talking about a no-hitter in progress to slavery and the Holocaust, but MD23Rewls managed to pull it off.

Rather than address him directly, STEVE HOLT took the most effective measure possible, at 2:39 p.m.:

You see what you people did?

Perfect game over.


– Jason

6 thoughts on “Baseball Etiquette 2010: Never Post to a Message Board About a No-Hitter in Progress

  1. That rant is actually a transcript from Michael Kay (Yankees broadcaster). Somebody called into his radio show and yelled at him for mentioning a perfect game or a no-hitter on air and Kay went off.

  2. I actually post on that website. The best part is that he got mad again when Jackson started the 8th with his no-no.

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