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The Kid Knows How to Pimp

Myers pimps again II

We’ve already discussed Tampa Bay rookie Wil Myers‘ predilection for styling after he hits a home run. Nobody’s has responded as of yet. Which might be the reason that not only is he continuing to do it, but he seems to be one-upping himself with every effort.

Like, say, Sunday, against the Giants.

Tick. Tick. Tick.




3 thoughts on “The Kid Knows How to Pimp

  1. We were at the game yesterday and several people around us were talking about this kick. He is going to get someone plunked, soon. I love his poise and his confidence, but he is pushing the limits for a rookie.

  2. This is a very rude website. Do you even know what a “pimp” does for a living ? He is de-grading to woman, P.S. Anyone who is a pimp, is a scum bag.

    1. Yeah, um, but it’s also a baseball term … used to describe what Myers seems to do quite a bit. Like him or hate him, give the credit that no prostitutes were harmed in the making of this home run.

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