Bat Flipping

High School Bat Flipper Informed About The Error Of His Ways, Balance Returns To Universe

Yesterday’s post regarding the above bat flip generated a considerable bit of attention for its star, and not the good kind. After numerous outlets—including Deadspin, Barstool Sports, and this one right here—linked to video of a teenager letting loose a massive bat flip during a high school game, the love didn’t exactly fly.

What wasn’t reported until the Courier-Post in south New Jersey got to it later: Once the flipper, a kid from Gloucester Catholic High School named Chris Turco, had rounded the bases, the plate umpire was waiting to offer up some helpful advice on how to comport oneself. A less-civil response came from the pitcher who gave up Turco’s blast—he drilled the next two Gloucester Catholic hitters.

Turco’s coach later tweeted an apology:

Tussey also commented to the press:

“It was a highly emotional game and Chris let his emotions take over a bit. The play that happened yesterday doesn’t reflect Chris as a player or a person nor does [it] reflect how our program operates. The bat flip is inexcusable and will be handled internally by our coaching staff.”

Excepting for a moment the ludicrousness of high school pitchers throwing at opponents as a measure of justice for stupid look-at-me stunts, things appear to have stabilized across Camden County. We now return you to your regularly scheduled big league bat flips.


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